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Erica/Hobbes - 2.01 picspam

They're baaaaaack!

Mrs & Mr BADASS!!!

Unlikely allies, but they work so freakin' well together!

Kay this is why I ship... The way he was looking at her as she was piecing it together... my heart broke.
He's actually worried and consenred. You can't fake that.
No matter what his personal agenda might be, he doesn't need to so obviously care about her, but, clearly, he totaly does!


Random RAMBLINGS: I'm so freaking excited they're back. The show in general too, of course... But also them... of course!!! I hope they have more scenes, just the two of them next week... and in the whole lot of the rest of the 9 *sniffles* episodes

Random RAMBLINGS 2: Feel free to snag if you like them enough, but no hotlinking please (if you want to share just link back here, or upload them somewhere else)... and also, credit would be muchly, muchly appreciated, if you would be so kind

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ah my other OTP! Much love for them.

Much love for them

I'm with ya...
For me, they're one of my many current OTPs, but also they're my more prominent one at the moment.

They vie for control of my squee with lisa/Joshua.
Does NOT hurt that Hobbes has the sexy-fierce glare. Do want.

Edited at 2011-01-10 03:58 pm (UTC)

Does NOT hurt that Hobbes has the sexy-fierce glare

*fans self* Boy do I know what you mean! ;)

I love this couple...I keep wondering who will be Erica's love interest Jack, Ryan or Hobbs. She has he best chemistry with Hobbs IMO ;)

She has he best chemistry with Hobbs IMO ;)

I couldn't agree more.
I mean I get what everybody's saying that all the guys could hook up with Erica, for various different reasons each, but IMO it's with Hobbes that their dynamic as characters, and their chemistry as actors works the best IMO.

Τhank you and ME TOO!!!! :D

(Deleted comment)
Thank you so very much! I actually started making these more as just banners.... but then I thought "what the hell! I'll go through all their scenes and name it a spam instead" LOL

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