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Erica Hobbes Music Vid - "You don't understand me"

I made this last week after the episode aired... it was to mostly hold me over for the non existant Erica/Hobbes in anotherwise great episode.
Regardless.... here ya go!

A study on how different these two are, how difficult it is for them to find common ground and communicate, but how despite all that they still manage to respect eachother and care about one another... even if they can't admitt it.

Erica Hobbes - "You Don't Understand Me"

CLICK For Download

Comments (here or on YouTube) are more than welcome...

Random RAMBLINGS: I said I didn't want to make yet another, consecutive V.2009 post, and I'm glad because I did stay true to that (YAY for finally puting up my Jackie/Hyde icons). However I'm still wondering why the hell it took me almost a whole week to put this up anyway... *scratches head*. Anyhooo... all taken care of now!

Random RAMBLINGS #2: I'm over all happy and proud with how this turned out... but there are a couple of little tidbits that I feel just didn't fall right in place. I think I need to upgrade my video editing program... might help with fixing those little glitches I want to perfect and Movie Maker just won't allow me to.

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Nice. I love them.

I just LOOOOOOVE your video!! The song fits perfectly just as Hobbes and Erica fits to each other too!

Aw thank you so much for the lovely comment *hugs*

(Deleted comment)
Aw! Thanks so much. :D

Glad to hear you liked it :)

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