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Lj has been driving me nuts for almost 3 days!!!!

At least it seems it's a more general problem, not just me (which is always my fear when something internet-y isn't working as it should... yes I'm insecure that way)...

Is anyone else (still) having problems viewing Lj on Firefox?

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is not only a firefox problem, apparently the site suffered and attack because some freedom speech problem related to russia, a lot of people from there use this site, and some political problems are going on, something like that. I wish I could find the article I read today.

I totally got that is was a much bigger problem. For two days the whole thing has been down and there was nothing I could do.
My question was that up until an our ago I could at least access the site from InternetExplorer but it still wasn't working on Firefox, and I was curious if I was alone. :)

(it seems to be working on Firefox again.... sp far so good anyway, so YAY!)

PS ~ If you find the article, could you pass it along? I'd love to read it!

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