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The broadcast TV season slaughter is finally over...

... and I think I can honestly say, I lost most of my favourite shows this season...
There's a bunch that I felt had been long overdue, so I'm actually not that sad to see them go (looking at you The Good Wife and Castle... and Mike & Molly)
And there's a couple I've been watching but I won't miss (Second Chance, Rush Hour, The Muppets)

BUT I definitelly most of my new and new-ish favourites...

Agent Carter? Cancelled!
Limitless? Cancelled!
Galavant? Cancelled!
The Grinder? Cancelled!
Grandfathered? Cancelled!
Containment? Cancelled! (and I don't care about all that whole "limited series" crap!)

At least I still got Code Black and The Real O'Neals from the newbies was rooting for... I'll take small comforts where I can get them I guess...
And then of course there's a bunch of other shows to hold me over: Lucifer, AoS, Gotham, Madam Secretary, iZombie,Life In Pieces, Black-ish, Modern Family etc

I am seriously considering of dropping Scorpion though. It looked like the show was going to avoid the sophmore slump, but after the supersized episode (which was awesome!), I dunno... I feel the whole thing flatlined a bit... I think the focus on Walter/Paige really tunes me out of the show quite a bit... Also I don't think I really like Walter as a character...

Anyhooooo... lets see what's gonna happen next season now shall we?
(Nothing so far looks "to die for" but there's a couple of things I got my eye on)

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