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V.2009 icons - Hobbes Season 1

A tribute of iconage to the character that got me to stick with the show...


01 - 12: Hobbes

01. 02. 03.
04. 05. 06.

07. 08. 09.
10. 11. 12.

Feel free to snag! If you chose to do so credit would be muchly appreciated
Oh! And for the record comments are nice and always welcome

Random RAMBLINGS: I wanted to post these a few days before the season started, but as usual procastination and me.... BFFs...

Random RAMBLINGS 2: I'm on the phone trying to explain fandom to a friend... it's not fun... or very fruitful...

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Hobbes!!! *Steals them all*

TeeHee! :D

So so flattered *hugs*

Grabbed number 10 :-D, thanks!

It was a pleasure! Trust me! ;D

I could look at them all day...I really love the anims, just trying to decide which one(s) to snag. I think of Hobbes as more Han Solo style anti-hero than hero but I do love that one. And I think 10 and 9 are favourites...but 8 has the smile! Which is why I think 3 is my favourite of the stills :)

Aw! Such a lovely comment. So flattered to hear you liked the lot of the batch.

I think of Hobbes as more Han Solo style anti-hero than hero
I'm with ya. I had some issues with how to logo that one myself, but I tried it out and wasn't disappointed with the result.

Taking number 10. Those are awesome and thanks for sharing.

Thank you so very much :)


Great icons!!

What happened to you on fanrorum? You disappeared from the Dean/Jo thread?!

Hi back and Thanks! :D

I have not been on the board generally for quite some time.
I'm still watching and enjoying the show but definitelly not as much as I used to.
I do have it in my plans to drop by soon though.

(I have a music vid in the works ;D)

I Hope you will get back soon cause there is some news that came out minutes ago and you would like for SHURE!

A vid?About who?

I saw it this morning actually but I don't think it's something worth getting my hopes up.
I prefer to keep my usual stance of being pleasantly surprised than getting hyped and excited and ending up disappointed.

A vid?About who?
DeanJo of cource ;D

Its confirmed by Sam she would be back so she is , i just hope Al comes too!

You need to finish the vid already , a long time I dont see a Dean/Jo vid of yours!

I'm way more invested in Jo coming back, so that is the one I really care about and if that's not a sure thing I'm not finding any reason to get too excited.

I haven't made a vid in a long time generally.
And this vid in particular has gotten stuck at this very specific place for a while now, but I'm trying to work through it.

Doenst make much sense bringing Ellen back and not Jo so Im positive she will be back too.

Im excited to see your vid!

this guy is sooooooooo hot, gosh

Oooh *is spoilt for choice* I do love Hobbes so very much, so I may have just snagged them all XD Thankies, especially love the 'hero' gif!

*is spoilt for choice*
LOL! I'm happy you feel that way :D


(Deleted comment)
Aw! Thanks so much! *hugs*

It took me ages to figure out the gif thing. But now I'm seriously addicted :D
And they come out looking half decent so YAY!

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