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Spartacus Blood & Sand icons - Season 1

Spartacus Blood & Sand icons for your pleasure...


01 - 12: Various

01. 02. 03.
04. 05. 06.
07. 08. 09.
10. 11. 12.

Feel free to snag! If you chose to do so credit would be muchly appreciated
Oh! And for the record comments are nice and always welcome

Random RAMBLINGS: I loved Season 1.. I mean LOVED! And I wasn't expecting to. But Gods of the Arena was quite "Meh" for me. Not bad, because I simply adore watching Lucy, John and Peter do their thing, but still...
I am however wondering, from a storytelling POV, what with Gannicus making it our alive, and historically him being a part of the riot movement, if we'll see him in S2 of Blood and Sand...

Random RAMBLINGS 2: Speaking of, I'm very anxious about S2 in general with all the recasting going about... Andy made the show - hope he's doing well BTW - and thus Liam McIntyre has some HUGE shoes to fill. I really do wish him the best. Kid's in a tough spot no matter which way you look at it, so he's got my support till proven otherwise. But Naevia too? The other half of my OTP on the show? Man!

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Your icons are lovely!

Has there been any news on how Andy is doing health-wise? I keep looking but haven't seen anything except news about the recast. :(

I still can't believe we are losing Naevia too. :(:(

Thanks so much!

Last update about Andy's health I heard was when Lucy was doing promotional interviews for GotA, and said he's doing well and has been e-mailing them to ask how the show's doing.
So I guess, things are pretty stable on that front. I'm taking no news as good news.

Yeah... I'm upset about Naevia oh so much!!!

Yaaaaay, you have catered to another of my obsessions *is happy*
I loves #8 & #2 (coz Crixus is my baby and I want to hug his face all the time).

I was shocked to hear that the actress won't be reprising her role as Naevia for S2 because Crixus/ Naevia had great chemistry and were a fave of mine. =/ Also gutted for Andy Whitfield, I was nsure of him as Sparty at the beginning of S1 but by the end he owned that role and I shall miss him greatly.

On the plus side, if Gannicus and his awesome self turn up in S2 then I will be far from peeved. I actually though that GOTA improved on B&S in many ways and there were elements that I just loved. Wasn't keen on Gannius at first but now I love him like burning and I need him back on my tv (laptop) screen ASASP!

Sorry for rambling on your icon post btw *sheepish grin*

Oh! YAY! Glad you like them :D

Crixus is my baby and I want to hug his face all the time
*nods* I know the feelning!

I'm with you about Andy... In the begining... I wasn't sure. But from Episode 3 and onwards I was sold. By the end of the Season he was Spartacus and basically the whole show!

And I was so freakin' upset... over everything. I really do hope and pray he's doing well!

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