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FanFic: The wise are mightier than the strong

Title: The wise are mightier than the strong.
Characters-Pairings: Pretty much all the Marvel Cinematic Universe characters & inspiration from other Marvel Comic Verse characters – Clint/Natasha, and a wee-bit Tony/Pepper.
Summary: “Maybe training is all I’m good for anymore: passing on my wisdom to the newer generation.”
Rating: PG-13 (I think... I suck, with ratings... Well to cover my bases, Fair Warning: there is mild language and some injuries imagery if you can’t handle it.)
Words: Approximatelly 12100 (I know! I'm just as surprised!)
Authors Note: This is completely un-beta’d so all mistakes (humongous and/or minor) just credit them to that.
Authors Note #2: I've been thinking that it's not that crazy to believe that as Clint got older he'd pushed to training new agents. And so, I had been planning this fic, and it had been kicking around in my head for quite some time.
During the Clint/Natasha promptathon at be_compromised I came across this prompt and it somehow worked itself very nicely into the story and helped iron out a few kinks I'd come across while I was planning it out.
I do have the need to apologise to everyone, especially ashen_key, if this came out more Gen and Clint centric than Clint/Natasha, than I originally intended. However fear not, it's like soaked in Clintasha all the way to the core.
Lastly in case anybody was curious, the names of the youngsters have not been picked at random. As I mentioned above, I was inspired from other Marvel Comic Verse characters. However I’m not really familiar with them so I even though objectively they are moderated and/or AU Comic!Verse characters, they could be considered OCs in some ways too. I think using the word “inspiration” was the best way to put it. Either way it’s not something anyone should read too much into.
Disclaimer: I obviously DO NOT own anything... I'm just a fan expressing some love.

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That was a lovely look at domestic!Clintasha and teacher!Clint.
( and who could blame Kate or her crush?)

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it :D

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