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Watching "The Strain"

So I've been catching up on Guillermo Del Torro's The Strain and I'm sad to say it is surprisingly mediocre... Pity... I had high hopes for it...

(Maybe I should just read the books...)

It does have a few redeeming qualities and a couple of things working in it's favour. I'll also admit it's gotten better after the midpoint. But still...
Perhaps I should lower the bar and just enjoy the campyness. *shrugs*

Also, I've seen Mia Maestro in other things, and granted I've never been whoa-ed by her, however she has always been at the very least adequate.
But OMG is she GOD AWFUL on this show. Wooden, and fake and oy! with the overacting. That her character is super, super, super annoying does not help, not one bit!!!

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