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My thoughts on what's wrong with "Better Call Saul" in the words of Darren Franich

I think EW might have posted a review of Better Call Saul, which pretty much sums up exactly how I feel about this show.

It's so good... yet... it's not...
It's an amazing character piece. It's wonderfully written, brilliantly acted, beautifully directed & shot... and still it feels like it is missing something. And IMO Darren Franich nailed exactly what that something is.
I'm hoping that as the show progresses it manages to iron out it's issues so it can reach the level of awesomeness I think it has. But it certainly isn't there yet.
I'm more than willing to stick it out, until it figures it out though. There's too many things they've gotten right, that give me hope these are just growing pains.

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