Dean/Jo - metaish picspam from 5.02...

Something to keep us over for the next few hours....

Hi Jo. - Hey...Collapse )

Random RAMBLINGS: I'd made this like a week after the episode had aired and put it up on FanForum, but I kept on saying "I'll post it on Lj tomorrow, I'll post it tomorrow" (procastrination is my best friend BTW) and never got around to it. But now with the episode just 4 hours away I couldn't put off any longer.... Granted, I'm aware the anticipation for tonight will probably bury this post but who cares

Random RAMBLINGS 2: I don't usually do neither the picspam thing, nor the meta thing so this totally weird and new territory

Grey's Anatomy icons - Mark/Lexie 6.03

I'm so happy they're back, and cute as ever!!!!
I got 15 icons to prove exactly how happy.


01 - 15: Mark/Lexie

Take a peekCollapse )

Random RAMBLINGS: Yeah... these two are awesome! I'd watched the show very casually, on and off for the first 4 years but after these two were a storyline? I'm there baby!!! 100%! And loovin' it!!!

Random RAMBLINGS 2: Good news! Well for me... there is a VERY good chance the hard drives from the old machine will make it out alive. Which means I won't have lost all my avies and arts and homework and music and life. And to stay on topic, no! when I recover my files I'll finaly be able to put up all my other Grey's icons I was going to but didn't because the old computer broke down!

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Kat Patrick Music Vid - "I'm feeling you"

Haven't made one of these in ages (the PC breaking down being the biggest factor in that).
But I got me fresh clips and a fresh little TV obsession so why the hell not!

If you're interested, go crazy! !

Kat Patrick - I'm Feeling YouCollapse )

Comments (here or on YouTube) are more than welcome...

Random RAMBLINGS: I'm not counting because techinically this is #5 (and I did tell myself that's when I would stop counting) I just haven't gotten around to post the 4th one yet what with the techical difficulties that arose during winter.

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FanFic: If the girl can't dance

Title: If the girl can’t dance
Characters-Pairings: Luis (POV), Brad, Patrick, Kat, Bianca and others - Kat/Patrick
Rating: PG
Summary: “This is exactly where they’re at, with Kitten basically living up to the drunken teenage girl stereotype! Who would have thought...”
Disclaimer: I obviously DO NOT own anything... I'm just a fan expressing some love.
Random Rambling: I don't do the fanfic thing at all... I don't consider myself a writer (don’t have the patience or the talent for it) but this popped in my head after watching the promo and since I loved the Autoshop guys I gave it a go and I thought I’d share just to see how it fared. This is completely un-beta’d so any humongous mistakes just credit them to that.
PS. The song Kat is singing is "The boy does nothing" by Alesha Dixon.

And this is exactly why Louis prefers his chicks just a bit drunk....Collapse )

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10 Things I Hate About You (the Series) icons - Kat/Patrick (episodes 1.01 through 1.03)

I'm loving the show, I'm loving these two, I'm bored and I finally learnt how to make animations.... so naturally that results to: ICONAGE!!!!


01 - 12: Kat/Patrick
13 - 15: Animations

The lotCollapse )

Random RAMBLINGS: Seeing as it only took me two years to figure out the animation thing, and also factoring in that these are indeed my first ones ever and took me AGES to make, I think they're fairly decent. Constructive critisism however, is more than welcome!

Random RAMBLINGS 2: In order to not freak out and have a nervous break down over possibly having lost all my arts, files, music, schoolwork and all (i.e. my whole life), when the old machine broke down I've tried focusing on other things, like say fidning this adorable little show I was 100% sceptical about when I first heard they were doing it (because looooove the movie and didn't want anything to tarnish that).
But all worries flew out the window after I saw the pilot, because for the most part it's it's own entity paying homage just the right way to the movie and still distinguishing itself. The cast has loads of chemistry, Larry Miller reprising his role is wondeful, Lindsay Shaw is brilliant and Ethan Peck's voice is to die for. Colour me happy happy happy!

Wallpaper Meme!!!

Snatched from southsidesister

01. Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper at their livejournal.
02. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
03. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

Check mine outCollapse )

Random RAMBLINGS: Granted my PC has been busted for the past - Whoa! It's been 3 months now - and I'm currently getting my daily internet/computer fix from sister's laptop, but this what I had on my desktop before it got ruined, I'd had it for a very long time, and I'll probably end up using it again when the new one gets here... which should be soon... actually it should have aready arrived by now... like a month ago... yeah I'm getting antsy about it... that's another "Random Rambling" all together which I shouldn't get to because I'll get all stressed out again and I've tried very hard to keep calm about this whole thing for the last three months so I just need to to try and not get started...not starting not starting not starting... *breathes in - - breathes out - - breathes in - - breathes out * ... I'm calm... sorta... Distract yourself with shiny things Alexandra! SHINY THINGS I SAID!!!!!

Harvelles Iconage

I think the entry's title covers me!
Ellen, Jo and Ellen/Jo avies below....


01 - 09: Ellen/Jo
10 - 12: Ellen
13 - 33: Jo

et all!Collapse )

Random RAMBLINGS: Seeing Pamela, young!Mary and Deanna was the kick in the pants I needed to actually finish up, gather and post these!
Nothing against the ladies! I liked them loads, and especially Mary was very kickass! But... I love the Harvelles, and seeing new female hunters made me miss the original female hunters and I want them back!!! So this is my little homage to them, and I still hope we'll get to seem them both back someday!

Random RAMBLINGS 2: A disclaimer: Do not fool yourselves with all the Jo, DeanJo and female characters oriented posts. I do watch for the boys and the brother dynamic/relationship and the storytelling, and I do make LOADS of arts featuring the guys. But I also like the whole universe Supernatural functions in and the other characters that exist in it, and when good, interesting characters, like the Harvelles get sidelined, I get a little sad and must creativelly express my sadness and show my support towards them.
Anyhow next post will probably be a Dean, Sam, DeanSam iconage... OR Bobby! I've got lots of Bobby stuff...

DeanJo music vid #3 (I decided I'll stop counting when I hit 5... with my rate that will be a while)

GAH!!!! Finaly I finished it!
This one took forever. But I guess it was worth it since I am rather happy with the result.
By no means is it perfect, but for video Numero 3 I think it's pretty decent!

So, for anyone interested.... Take it away!

Dean Jo - Weak As I AmCollapse )

Comments and constructive critisism (here or on YouTube) are more than welcome...

Random RAMBLINGS: Exams are, yet again, a couple of weeks away... Sooo not looking forward to that. A least I finished this and now I can consentrate, undistracted, to my studying... Yeah! Right! I'll probably have to go and visit sister in order to get some work done.

More random Dean-Jo avies

And here is the remaining of my DeanJo icon stack.
Again some older some quite new... Either way...


The restCollapse )

Random RAMBLINGS: I'm trying to remember what happened and I didn't get to post these yesterday as I was planning... I'm totally blanking. Anyhow! They're all posted and now I can start fresh on the DeanJo front. But first I have to finish up all those Jo, Ellen and EllenJo ones I've been occupying myself with lately. I've come to the conclusion that Ellen avies are the hardest for me to make.

Random Dean-Jo avies

Just some random DeanJo avies I've made...
Some are quite old, made and stored on my PC for over a year, some quite fresh.
Anyhow... I've been sitting on these and keeping on making more and more lately so I thought it was time to share some.


The restCollapse )

Random RAMBLINGS: So Kripke's comments haven't discouraged me... They upset and depressed me, sure! But discouraged? Not in the least!
In fact I'm far more determined to love Jo and DeanJo and proclaim it from now on. Case in point: This post! Plus the ones coming in the next few days, with all new fresh DeanJo (and solo Jo and EllenJo) avies.
Plus an all new DeanJo music vid I have in the works and a Jo one I'm planning out.

Random RAMBLINGS #2: I think the ones to come are a bit better than these... not that that says much...

A few Dean-Jo Banners

Haven't posted in a while... It's not that I didn't have things to post, I just never got around to it. And really this was not my priority post.
But for more on that read the ramblings....

As for what I am posting...

Nothing much. Just two DeanJo banners I made with a few variations each.


Find the rest hereCollapse )

Random RAMBLINGS: I've finaly managed to go through, clear and gather all my nice DeanJo avies. I've been meaning to post them for a while. I don't know why I've been postponing. I guess I keep thinking I could make some more, which okay I do and considering I still do put touch ups here and there on the ones already made that give a different effect I haven't been that off. But still... I ahve 30 avies banked that I really want and intend to share... And now with my exams looming, yet again, I might not get to it until February.
Unless of course I'm looking for an excuse to NOT study .

Random, various Chuck avies!

I love everything about this show and well that is enough reason for me to be making pretties.
So here ya go....


...aaaand the restCollapse )

Random RAMBLINGS: I have to admitt as much as I do love the show I do find it's editing rather choppy sometimes... So there! That's something I occasionaly don't like about it

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The Girls of Supernatural in little boxes

After a long, looooong time I actually got around to rounding up a decent amount of avies of the same kind, enough to make a decent post...
So with no further ado the girls of SPN avatars made by moi! *

* (and that basically covers all the French I remember)


01 - 08: Jo
09 - 16: Bela
17 - 24: Ruby

Click for the restCollapse )

Random RAMBLINGS: I can't stand the fact that the holidays are approaching. Not that I don't love the holidays... but after that I have exams and well, the break is only for a couple of weeks. Exam term is for a month. [DRY]I can't wait[/DRY]

Meme snagged from genki

I've been making avies and thinking of vids all week and hopefuly this weekend I'll actually have a different kind post

Hit me!! I'm ready!Collapse )

Random RAMBLINGS: I think I've finally detected why I always stall in making vids... it's the converting and slissing down the clips so the damn program doesn't freeze that discourages me. A) It's a lot of work and B) I have drive and memory space issues at the moment.


Another MEME...

I just hope this one gets a bit more traffic than the first one ;-)

Take it away!!!!Collapse )


Dean-Jo Manips and Avies

Just some Dean-Jo arts I had made a while ago and never got to post. They are not great but I was bored at the time and since the season began I've kinda been missing Jo so...


Click for the actual stuffCollapse )

Gossip Girl Pilot Avies

genkichiba pretty much covered me on the matter:

"Yes I am a tween and Gossip Girl sucked me in with one episode"


Click for the full experience *insert laughter*Collapse )

Random RAMBLINGS: This is my first mass avi production. Usually I make like 1-2 to not more than 6-7, but I don't know, I felt inspired by the pilot. Scenes kept playing out and I was thinking "Avi! Avi! Avi!" (I haven't really had the same reaction with the other eppies. Maybe with a couple of moments from the second episode, but nothing this major). Anyway... Hope you like them

Second music vid! (I'll stop counting soon, I swear)

Another Supernatural and DeanJo related video.
And this time it's a full song...a bit over 3 1/2 minutes. YAY me!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I really needed the distraction between the studying. Not that it helped much. Making this was at times frustrating (damn MovieMaker for freezing ALL the time!!!)

Anyway...Here it is...

Dean Jo - Rush over meCollapse )

Now I am aware some things are still off, but please keep in mind that I am still learning.

Random RAMBLINGS: I was already making two other vids when I started this, but I guess this one flowed a bit better. I'm quite invested in one of the others. But unfortunatelly for me, my imagination, stuborness and determination have inserted in my mind a very specific shot, and I can't seem to find anything to at least substitute it with. And that has put a blocker in the project...Well that and my exams...When I have more time I'll look harder, maybe even go through some of my Dark Angel clips to hopefully find something appropriate.

Random RAMBLINGS #2: "Kripke would sooooo disapprove of the music!" that was the main thing on my mind while making this

My first fan-music vid EVER!!!

So here it is...A Supernatural related video.

A small Dean-Jo centric tribute to Everybody Loves A ClownCollapse )

RAMBLINGS: It's funny really...I always assumed that my first vid would be Gilmore Girls related, and more specifically Luke-Lorelai. Then the first video I ever tried to make was Rory-Logan. How I got from there to Dean-Jo I have no idea. No regrets about it though...


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